[Digital Breakout] The Great Puzzle

Teach your students maps skills with 21st century learning!

This simple 30 minute digital breakout will teach basic concepts such as Pangea, Longitude & Latitude, Cardinal Directions, and Continents all while embedding skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and communication into your geography lesson.

I have included links to all of my files as well as my Google Folder. Please feel free to copy that folder over and customize it to fit what you need.

The Classroom Setup:

  • Small Groups of 2-4 Students

  • 1 Chromebook/Tablet per Group

That's it! There is no need to copy anything or prepare anything else.


I hope you and your students enjoy this lesson. Feel free to share some ideas with me on twitter @dylanpetersedu.

#BreakoutEDU #GameBasedLearning

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