[Infographic] Classcraft Point System

  • Health Points (HP)

  • Everyone starts with 100%

  • Lost when they misbehave based off of classroom rules

  • If all are lost, they fall in battle and face consequences

  • Regenerate 1 point per day (can be customized)

  • Can also be lost during random events and boss battles

  • ​Action Points (AP)

  • ​Used to activate a superpower

  • Can regenerate 2 per day (can be customized)

  • Often called Mana, the Mage can transfer AP to other teammates

  • ​Experience Points (XP)

  • ​Awarded for good behavior, completed assignments, boss battle wins, and quests

  • When they hit a certain number (customizable), they level up

  • ​Gold Pieces (GP)

  • ​Awarded for leveling up, quests, boss battles, and good behavior

  • Can be used to customize their character

#Gamification #Classcraft

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